Global Power & Utility Sector Transformation
-Future Growth Opportunities

Thursday February 20, 2020
Japan Bank for International Corporation 9th Floor

Impact of Industrial IoT on Global Power Industry will cover

Many aspects in the electricity retail industry are converging—a surge in uptake of electric vehicles, continued rollout of smart meters, energy contribution from the demand side, and a smarter grid, together, are setting the groundwork for the future’s electricity retail landscape. A combination of hardware and software brought about by custom requirements is what makes the concept of IIoT an opportunity not to miss. With IIoT, next-generation sensors are installed across the plant, monitoring each and every movement. A new control architecture and operating platform is designed and developed based on artificial intelligence and is installed.

  • Where are IIoT concepts applied in power sector
  • Business challenges faced by utilities
  • IIoT in power generation
  • Shifting electricity retail landscape and use of IIoT
  • Use Cases and Growth Opportunities

Data Monetization in Power & Utilities Industry will cover

Though the concept of digitization and leveraging of data has been around for a number of years, only recently have organizations started to realize the potential it holds. This presentation will outline the potential for data monetization, explore different business models and also provide use cases across different segments within the power and utilities sector. The following summarizes key parts of presentation:


  • Digital Transformation and Data Monetization – An introduction
  • Components of Data Monetization
  • Key Enablers and Barriers
  • Key Trends and Use Cases in power & utilities industry
  • Growth Opportunities using Data Monetization

Future Opportunities in EV Charging

As EVs continue to disrupt the mobility ecosystem, the role played by charging solutions in the 2020s will be crucial in how effectively the ecosystem develops. This will more so as utilities, technology solution providers, and major oil and gas firms look to target an area which effectively bridges power and mobility. Although a nascent industry, various innovative charging solutions are disrupting the industry as it looks to firmly establish itself on a mass market scale.

  • Current status and future forecast of EV market.
  • EV charging technology trend
  • Major charging models and models under development
    • Battery swapping
    • Vehicle 2 Home
    • Fast charging
    • Wireless charging