Decarbonization impact & its opportunity in Energy Sector & New Trend in Manufacturing Sector

~Recalibrate Your Industrial 2020 Strategy with Actionable Insights~


As the whole world is trying to navigate through these volatile and uncertain times, some visible trends are emerging, regarding the future direction for industrial sector.

  • The energy sector is in urgent need to embrace the 3Ds of Decarbonization, Decentralization and Digitalization, more than ever before. COVID-19 could accelerate the decline of fossil fuels in the overall energy mix 
  • Massive investments in green economy and sustainable infrastructure could be the way out for countries to emerge from the economic slump caused by COVID-19 and create millions of new jobs
  • Supply chain diversification, which already started due to trade war & labor cost increases in China, will only accelerate post-COVID. Most MNCs will be adopting China+1 or China+2 strategy
  • While COVID-19 has compressed the timelines for digital transformation, still the new normal in manufacturing will take years to evolve. The companies that will survive & thrive are those that are adaptive, agile, embrace new technologies, have the ability to adjust their supply chains, and also have built a flexible workforce.

In short, we are entering into a new normal that will be characterized by digital collaboration, cyber-physical convergence, and surge in green investments. 

This executive briefing will cover key insights:

Briefing 1: Growth Opportunities from Decarbonisation in the Global Energy Market

  • Major shifts in power sector in 2020s
  • Renewables take centre stage
  • Decentralization
  • Energy Storage
  • Growth in OPEX based business models
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Hydrogen Economy

Briefing 2: Top Trends Transforming Manufacturing Sector

  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Reshoring & Deft Supply Chains
  • Flexible and Decentralized Manufacturing
  • Personalized Manufacturing
  • Edge Computing and 5G
  • Low Contact Ecosystem